Patricia Doyle
July 20, 2009
Pat Doyle's handcrafted lampwork glass "Talisman Beads" have just arrived. These bead charms fit on to Pandora and Troll style bracelet and necklaces. Lots of colours to choose from. View the collection >>

Art Walk
April 13, 2009
Visit Joye Designs during the 10th Annual ArtsConnect Art Walk on April 25 & 26, 12 Noon - 5 PM.



Custom work is often requested by customers who wish to be part of the design process. Joye encourages those who wish to experience the fun of selecting their own favourite stones from her amassed collection of fossils and gemstones or to bring in their own treasured pieces that have been hidden away for years, waiting to find the right jewellery design to encompass it. You might even consider using a heirloom collectable, such as a rare coin, a treasured seashell, or even a broken piece of porcelain from Grandma’s china collection.

Each piece that either Joye or one of the other artisans from the gallery creates for you, will truly be a one of a kind, original creation. Metals, are handworked and finished, to exacting standards, right down to the smallest detail. No mass productions, no assembly lines and no cookie cutter copies. Our jewellery designs are the labour of love created by artisans with years of experience and who are passionate in working with Mother Nature’s creations.

Ammolite Delight [2009 Collection]
Ammolite cabochon wrapped in gold filled wire.
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